Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

EDS - Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

$110.00 USD per Hour

Bruker XFlash 6|60 60mm2 SDD EDS element x-ray detector and ESPRIT report generation
- i. Imaging
- ii. Quantitative analysis
- iii. Fast EDS element mapping
- iv. Phase analysis
- v. Particle analysis

EDS is included in the SEM hourly rate. Long collection time EDS maps will increase the SEM hourly time. For most specimens, the mapping time for 32 frames at 640x480 pixels increases the SEM hourly time by about fifteen minutes to complete all map frames. For mapping of more than about six elements may increase the clock time by a few minutes.

Digital imaging services and solutions for microscopy and microphotography. Microscopy services, consulting, image enhancement, scanning, analysis.Light microscopy (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can greatly benefit a project or problem by using a comprehensive set of advanced technology image capture and processing tools and instruments.

We can examine and image your specimens for you. We also can perform computer image post-processing to enhance the quality of your final image. We offer a wide range of optical and SEM imaging as well as digital image enhancement and report generation. SEM imaging is available along with SEM/EDS element analysis and reporting. We also offer consulting on IC structure, pedigree, design, and many other areas including technical writing and article editing. You can pay a fraction of the cost of new microscopy equipment for a one-time project or use us to evaluate what equipment you might need in the long term. You have no investment costs and no overhead as we are strictly a fee for service organization.

Thank you for your interest in Microtechnics and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Digital imaging services and solutions for microscopy and microphotography. Microscopy and microphotography services, consulting, image enhancement, scanning and analysis. Options are available for imaging, project reporting and documentation.

Services - SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Digital slide scanning, Bright-field microscopy, Darkfield microscopy, DIC microscopy - Differential interference contrast microscopy, Phase contrast microscopy, Polarized light microscopy, Microscopy image analysis, Macrophotography and Microphotography.