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SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope

$110.00 USD per Hour

We offer the services of a large chamber high resolution (0.8nm) FESEM with multiple detectors including:

- Standard E-T secondary electron detector
- 4QBSD solid state backscatter detector
- In-lens detector
- 0.8nm resolution at 10KV-15KV
- 1.4nm resolution at 2KV
- SEM image store up to 3072x2082 pixels
- Bruker image capture up to 4096x4096 pixels

The SEM is a high resolution Zeiss Supra 40 with Gemini column. This has an electron optics system with no crossover to virtually eliminate abberation and loss of image quality. The electron optics are also electrostatic--non-magnetic immersion--such that imaging and performing high mag and/or high resolution EDS and SEM imaging is easily done on Ferrous specimens. The Supra covers a wide range of specimens from biological, metallurgical, fracture mechanics, polymers and other specimens that are difficult or impossible to image with high image quality.

Sputter coating of specimens for SEM imaging and EDS, if necessary, is accomplished using the customer's choice of Au/Pd, Pd, Pt, Ag or Ir. This is done for specimens that would ordinarily "charge" and are better imaged using high vacuum mode rather than VP mode. Image drifting is greatly reduced over what drift correction typically offers. Coating can be done planar or using tilt and rotate for complex 3D specimens or tilt or planar only. For other specimens, our imaging quality at 1KV or in that range will produce outstanding images without coating or sub-par VP imaging.

Specimens can range from simple to complex. This includes IC imaging, junction imaging, whole die imaging, EBIC, metallurgical analysis of failures, fatigue, stress and corrosion of metal specimens, contamination of main specimens with trace elements and other biological and metallurgical samples. Sputter coating is included as part of the SEM hourly charge. Metallurgical specimen preparation to include cutting, sectioning, embedding and polishing for SEM are at the rate of $145 per specimen.

SEM imaging is available from 512x380 pixels per inch to 4Kx4K grey scale TIFF and/or JPEG. Pseudo coloring can also be performed. Images can be delivered via Dropbox, postal CD/DVD or flash drive.

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