Whole Slide Scanning

Whole Slide Scanning Digital Slide Scanning

Whole Slide Scanning

$9.00 USD per Slide

This service is a whole slide scan which produces a 7,000dpi output image file of the specimen portion of a standard 1"x3" microscope slide.

This is very useful for:

- Presentations
- Lectures
- Teaching
- Identifying areas of interest for higher magnification imaging
- and so forth...

Thank you for your interest in Microtechnics and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Digital imaging services and solutions for microscopy and microphotography. Microscopy and microphotography services, consulting, image enhancement, scanning and analysis. Options are available for imaging, project reporting and documentation.

Services - SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Digital slide scanning, Bright-field microscopy, Darkfield microscopy, DIC microscopy - Differential interference contrast microscopy, Phase contrast microscopy, Polarized light microscopy, Microscopy image analysis, Macrophotography and Microphotography.